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Enterprise Wood Products has used our pine for many projects



Create amazing flooring, siding, and furniture with reliable antique eastern white pine.

“Fender’s were originally made with pine, and now they’ve come full circle.  This body wood began its functional life over 100 years ago, as part of the Globe Grain Elevator facility in Superior, Wisconsin, before it was reclaimed, cooked and fashioned into an instrument. The grain, knotholes and man-made imperfections make each one unique. For authentic, vintage-inspired tone, the 2017 Limited Edition American Professional Pine Telecaster is loaded with a single American Vintage ’64 Gray-bottom single-coil Tele® pickup and a Lollar Charlie Christian single-coil neck pickup. The Lollar pickup was selected for its old-school “woody” tone and rustic aesthetic appeal and vibe.”


For American Woodworker’s article "Second Life for Old Pine" on us: