Reliable reclaimed wood for furniture, siding, flooring, beams. Old Globe Wood Company can help you build a sustainable project with unmatched consistency. Our stock of 3.3 million board feet is located on the original site of the Globe Elevator yards in Superior, Wisconsin. Call for a free quote.

Reclaiming virgin pine from monumental grain elevators:


Our wood comes from virgin forests, which means that the trees were able to grow to full maturity without any disturbance. The grain is tighter, the knots are more beautiful, the trees are taller; it’s just a whole different kind of wood.

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Our Mission


When erected in 1887, the Globe Elevators were the largest terminal elevators in the world. They contain one of the greatest supply of old growth virgin pine. Our mission: Reclaim this resource for generations to come.

You can create a reliable and sustainable project with unmatched consistency using wood available from our stock of 3.3 Million board-feet.


Our wood contains historic characteristics not found in modern lumber:


Saw marks

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Nail marks



 Starting in 1885, the Globe Elevator began construction using wood from the Old Growth forests. Nearly 2500 men worked for 2 years until it was erected in 1887 and earned the title of world’s largest terminal elevator. Within the same decade, other architectural feats such as the Washington Monument, the Eiffel Tower, and the Chicago World Fair took place.


Our story

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When they were first harvested in the 1830’s, the Old Growth forests of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin were home to 125-250 year old trees, such as our white pine. With the promising future of the grain industry, grain elevators quickly began popping up in the Twin Ports. By the 1880’s, Duluth and Superior were known nationally as “Elevator Row”.


With a capacity of over 3 million bushels, Old Globe provided tens of millions of people with food in America and overseas. The elevator was decommissioned in 1988.

Old Globe Wood Company has been salvaging this historic structure to preserve both the beautiful antique wood and the history behind it.



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